Trying to detox

I figure I've lived about 80% of my life without owning a smart phone and even longer than that without a tablet. I didn't have a computer at all the first half of my existence. So I'm a little astounded to think of how dependent on all these devices I've become. I've really been thinking about this lately as my daughter prepares to leave for a church mission. She is aware that it's going to be really hard to leave all her technology behind. She's not even nearly as addicted as many young people her age are, but it is still difficult to think of leaving texts, facebook, pinterest, and general internet usage behind. 


Could you do it? I'm not sure I could. I would certainly have to stop being the "scrapbook lady" if I quit cold turkey. I'm proud that she is willing to give up these things and in some ways I'm actually envious. I kind of miss the days when I didn't have to worry about so much technology.

Of course, we often see stories (online of course) about how we really need to take regular breaks from technology. I always vow to try harder, but my phone and I are always together. Here's one of those articles that explains why it's so important to unplug from time to time. 

So I'm not here to judge because we all know that I'm totally addicted. LOL! I'm just trying to wrap my mind around all of these things. I'm also currently traveling with my family for the weekend on our last little hurrah before my daughter leaves in 27 days (gulp!). So I'm taking a blog break for a few days. Then I'll be back on Tuesday, September 29th with a post all about some new technology I'm enjoying. Yes, I am laughing at the irony! But technology is a big part of my memory keeping process and I am not about to give that up. I will enjoy some great family time over the next few days though. Hope you all can do the same!