Do you need a Snickers?

This series of Snickers commercials have become a big cultural reference in our house. We use the phrase "have a Snickers" to remind each other that it might be hunger (or exhaustion, or any other physical cause) that is making us act a little on the cranky side.

We've even decided which Snickers commercial best describes each one of us. We joke that my husband turns into Aretha Franklin (mainly because his name is Jeff like Aretha's real self in the video and he turns into a bit of a diva) and that I'm Liza Minelli (which is totally true because I don't like to be touched when I'm grumpy).

We decided that my daughter is Betty White when she needs a Snickers - just a little sassy. lol!

And my son seems to channel Joe Pesci when he's hungry. This one makes us laugh so hard!

Do you see yourself in any of these portrayals? What kinds of reminders do you have to help yourself or others remember to take a step back and "eat a Snickers"? These are things worth documenting. It also helps if you can laugh about these moments as well since they happen to all of us. 

I'm off to have a Snickers!

HumorKatie Nelson1 Comment