The reading report

One thing I am proud of myself for right now is that I recognized something I needed to work on and I'm actually doing something about it. I'm reading books again and I'm so happy about that! I'm enjoying Goodreads and I'm still using the Bookswing app as well. That might be overkill, but it's helping me stay on track! I set a reading challenge for myself to finish 30 books this year. I really wanted to set it for a larger amount, but I decided to be realistic. I would rather overachieve a smaller goal than underachieve a larger one. 

Something that I'm putting extra focus on is to be more well-rounded in my reading. Over the past few years I've been spending most of my reading time on photography and scrapbook related books. There isn't anything wrong with that since those are genuinely interesting to me, but I don't want to neglect the classics or even some novels that are just for pure entertainment. I gravitate toward nonfiction these days and I'm ok with that. I am going to try to keep things balanced though by alternating what I'm reading. Since I just finished two nonfiction "how to" books on organizing, I decided to read a autobiography/biography type of book next.

I'm a big fan of Sesame Street and the Muppets and I really enjoyed reading this biography about Jim Henson last year. Plus, my son recommended this book to me because he liked it. That's the best endorsement for me! It was fun and easy to read. Click here to see my Goodreads review.

I'm resisting the urge to make a list of books I want to read because I know that would overwhelm me. Plus, I want to feel the joy of picking out a new book when I finish one. That's one of my favorite feelings! So what's up next you ask? I've started 2 books because I'm reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert as a physical book and As You Wish by Cary Elwes on  my Kindle app on my iPad. I like having a book going on my iPad so I can read in bed while I'm getting ready to go to sleep. I know you aren't supposed to look at screens late at night, but it actually helps me relax.

Finally, I have one last thing to share before I sign off. Did you know that Bill Gates has a blog and it's mostly about the books he reads? I had no idea! It's really interesting so go take a look!