Memory Monday 09 - Childhood treats

When I found these tubes of Flicks in a candy store, I immediately remembered eating these in the movie theater as a kid.

It seems like the only times I ate these was at the movies, I don’t remember them in stores. I have to admit that I was disappointed when I opened these to eat them because they just tasted waxy. I remembered them being so much yummier. That’s ok though, it was all about finding something that I thought had disappeared from my childhood. (They stopped production in 1989, but started making them again in 2004)

Now I have a picture to go with a memory. I will always have fond memories of my Mom buying me Flicks at the theater. Funny that I don’t even remember the movies, but I do remember the chocolate!

Other favorites from my childhood? Candy necklaces, chocolate stars, Bottlecaps, and Neccos. What candy reminds you of your childhood? It’s something worth writing about on a Memory Monday.