Memory Monday 04 - Going to concerts

We recently went to the Mumford and Sons concert at USANA Amphitheater and it got me thinking about the concerts I've seen in my life. I've been to a fair amount of concerts in my life, but I'm certainly not what most people would categorize as a concert junkie. The ones I've been to have been quite memorable though! There is something special about being there in person – it gives you a connection that is hard to replicate in any other way.

Mumford and Sons was a fun act to see in live performance. They have a bit of salty language in some of their songs and they certainly didn't tone it down for the Utah audience. Watching them play their instruments was a big highlight. Those banjos! And the bass player (he played the actual bass and the bass guitar) was hilarious to watch with his intense facial expressions. I would give the concert very high ratings if it hadn't been for the obnoxious people in front of us. They drank a lohot of alcohol and they were so drunk by the end of the night that they probably should have been kicked out. One guy was spanking his girlfriend and they were doing other things that I was embarrassed to have my son see (and myself as well). Stuff like that can really ruin the experience. My husband said, "maybe we ought to just see if we can download some concerts to watch at home?" and I have to agree with him on that one. Ew!

Imagine Dragons put on a great concert when we saw them back in 2013. They really are a fun band and they sounded great live. I think Radioactive might be just as good of a concert song as you can get – by the end of it, everyone on stage was playing some sort of drum. The place was worked up into a fever pitch of excitement! We took both of our kids with us to the concert and they were totally thrilled. My husband asked my daughter Riley if “she could go to any concert, what would it be?" She said “this is it!” Imagine Dragons is her favorite band and my son loves them too. We all enjoyed their music and seeing them live really cemented us as true fans. 

In the summer of 2014, we saw several concerts. Our kids were the perfect age (16 and 19) to really enjoy them and we felt like it was a big party to go to several performances that season. We saw Foreigner and Styx and even though they didn't have all the original band members, they still rocked. They rocked hard! Even the opening act Don Fedler (former Eagle) was fabulous. Hands down, Foreigner was our favorite of the night.

One Republic was amazing in concert. I liked their music well enough before, but I became a much bigger fan after seeing them in person and Counting Stars is still one of my very favorite songs even today! The opening acts were American Authors and The Script. Great concert all around.

Paul McCartney was epic! I mean, it was Paul McCartney so there's that, but he put more into his show than I've ever seen anyone do. There was no opening act - just a digital presentation of slides, songs, and images that I can only describe as mixed media. I would still like to figure out how they did that! Then sang for almost 3 full hours. We never saw him even stop to take any kind of break until encore time and even then it was super quick. I guess performing for more than 50 years makes you an expert or something. Oh, and he was 72 years old at the time!

We have been to two Weird Al concerts (2011 and 2015) and they were both hilarious and so much fun. We even traveled to Oregon to see him in 2015 after he had released his #1 album Mandatory Fun. We bought the VIP tickets since 3 out of 4 of us in this household are HUGE Weird Al fans so we got to meet him in person. We also got to hang out with the other VIPs before the show which was both awkward and fun at the same time. This was the most up-close and personal concert experience we've ever had or probably ever will have. It was the best!

Some other concerts I've attended:

•    My Dad and I saw Tina Turner in concert in the eighties. She was fantastic!
•    Hubby and I went to one of the last ever Oingo Boingo concerts with my brother and a friend. I’ve always loved their music, but I gained an even deeper love for them after the concert. It was amazing to see Danny Elfman live. He is extremely talented!
•    Hubby and I saw U2 in concert, but we had such terrible seats that it really wasn’t all that great. Ironically, we didn’t have that great of seats at the Imagine Dragons concert either, but since it was a smaller venue it didn’t matter as much. Plus, we could actually see the band. At the U2 concert, we were on the highest row AND in back of the stage. I can’t believe they even sold tickets like that. So lame.
•    One of my favorite concert experiences was when some girlfriends and I left our kids at home with the Daddies and we went to see Bon Jovi in concert about 13 years ago. That was fun!
Going to a concert is expensive (even with cheap seats) and then if you add in the cost of getting a t-shirt, it can add up. They are also very crowded and there is a lot of waiting for the whole thing to get going. Still, it’s an amazing experience and it can really change your whole feeling about a band. What concerts have you been to? What bands would you love to see perform live? Any favorites? All good things to document on a Memory Monday for sure!