Memory Monday 06 - Dressing up like a ghost

It seems like everyone ends up being a ghost for Halloween at some point in their lives. My Mom got me started off at a young age with the traditional ghost costume of a white sheet pulled over the head with cut-out eye holes.
Here I am as a classic ghost in 1971 at the age of 2.

 Some people might say that a ghost is a poor excuse for a costume, but I think everyone needs to do the sheet thing at least once. How many times did you imagine yourself as a ghost while wearing your bed sheets? It’s a part of childhood. I believe that is the only time I dressed up as a ghost. My children never did the ghost costume so I guess they missed out on that ritual. We did all go as the Ghostbusters back in 2011. I think that was our best costume year ever! Kudos to my daughter for being willing to be the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man!

Have you ever dressed up as a ghost for Halloween? How about anyone else in your family? Did you use a sheet, or a more elaborate costume? What do you think of when you imagine a Halloween ghost? I personally like mine to be somewhat friendly. How about other ghost related costumes or memories? Great things to document on a Memory Monday that also happens to be Halloween!