Memory Monday 03 - Food you can never eat again

I have a few foods that I really can never eat again because of some yucky experiences. I’m sure that everyone has their own list of food that they will never eat again because of a bad result or memory. Quite often it’s because you’ve seen the food in reverse after it made you sick. Ewwww!

On my “never again” list:

Cheetos Puffs
The funny thing is I actually still like crunchy Cheetos (although I’m not proud of it), but I will never eat the puffy variety. I’m not sure how old I was, but I’m thinking it must have been when I was 8 or 9 when I learned the hard way that if you eat almost an entire bag of these by yourself, it will not be pretty later on! I have never eaten a puffy cheeto again, and I’m pretty moderate about the amount consumed when I do eat crunch cheetos.

Some other interesting Cheetos info:

  • I will only eat crunchy cheetos on the day the package is opened because I think they taste blah unless they are super fresh (that’s why I like the individual serving packages).


  • My youngest brother served a mission in California to teach the Hmong people. He said one of their very favorite snacks are the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Who knew?


Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches.

Again, I was only about 9 years old when one day we drove through Arby’s. I got a roast beef sandwich with horsey (horseradish) sauce. I ended up being really sick later on. I’ve never eaten a sandwich from Arby’s again, and I can’t stand horseradish at all. We lived within walking distance to an Arby’s for about 8 years, but I still would never go there. On the few occasions when my hubby and kids ate there, I only ate the fries. Sorry Arby’s, but you scarred me for life.


Turkey burger in any form.

When my husband and I were engaged, we ate dinner at his parents house and his Mom served a meatloaf (if I remember correctly) made with turkey burger. I really hated the texture and taste of it, but I was trying to be polite so I ate it. Later that night I had to evacuate our date for some extreme rewinding of dinner. I was embarrassed to tell my then fiancé that I was sure it was dinner that made me sick, but who knows if that was really it since no one else was bothered by it. I did sort of admit to it and I know he told his mother. For a few years after, she would occasionally try to sneak turkey burger in a few dishes, but I could always tell it was there. I’m pretty sure that she thought it was in my mind (and it probably is) but I truly just think turkey meat ground into burger is just plain evil. 


Stuffed mushrooms

In 2005 on December 23rd, we had both of our extended families over for a holiday buffet dinner. Everyone brought their best dishes, including my Sister-in-Law and her famous sausage stuffed mushrooms. My brother and I each ate quite a few of those as well as a lot of other food. While it's hard to say exactly what made me (and my brother) sick, we both felt those mushrooms in ways we never want to talk about. The two of us were violently ill. It actually took us days to recover. Nobody else got sick, but my husband did go play racquetball the next day and totally pulled out his back. So while we had a house full of guests, both he and I were down for the count. My whole family still talks about what an "interesting" Christmas that was! And I haven't eaten a stuffed mushroom since. In fact, I rarely eat any type of mushroom any more. I just can't stomach them now.

So what’s on your “never again” food list? I know my Mom had a moon pie incident when she was young that she still brings up. My brother ate a bunch of bacon that was practically raw (prepared by my Grandma) that will go down in our family history books as a disaster.  My son once ate almost an entire jar of pickles while visiting a family member and it was years before he would eat one again.

It seems like we have to learn some painful lessons when it comes to food. I encourage you to jot down your bad food memories because they are an interesting part of your story. It’s a great activity for a Memory Monday!