Does anyone out there still shoot with a DSLR? 

I have used a few different Nikon DSLR models in the past but I almost exclusively shoot with my iPhone these days. I even sold my old DSLR over the summer and decided to purchase a high end point-and-shoot camera. It was an awesome camera, but then it quit working. After it destroyed about 4 of my memory cards. I returned it. Ever since then, I've been wondering if I should just stay with iPhoneography or if I want to have a more "serious" camera for some of my photography. There are some things you just can't do with an phone camera that I miss at times.

I also enjoy learning about and using a dslr camera and feel like that really helped me grow as a photographer. I don't love hauling around a big camera though so that is an issue. I go back and forth on this dilemma. Here are the things I'm considering:

  • Stay with my iPhone as my main camera and stop worrying about it.
  • Buy a moderately priced DSLR and use it for special projects that I want to play around with. 
  • Buy a higher-end DSLR and dig in and really learn the tricks of the trade. We had our pictures taken by a friend (who is a professional) last week, and I had some serious gear envy when I watched her shoot. Of course, I know it's not all about the equipment either.

I'm curious where my readers stand on this issue? Do most of you use your phones exclusively now? Those cameras are actually incredible. Especially the newest releases! Anyone out there using a DSLR? If so, do you have a model you could recommend to me? I would love some advice.

Thanks in advance!