St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day is widely celebrated in Europe. In many countries the tradition of setting out a boot on St. Nicholas Eve (December 5th) is done in anticipation of the goodies (or coal) that will fill the boot by morning. St. Nicholas Day parades are common and for many children, this day is the highlight of the holiday season. If you live in Europe or have European ancestry this is a day of great celebration for you. Capture the festivities with your camera and words to preserve in your scrapbook album.


  • St. Nicholas is the historical basis for our modern day Santa Claus figure so this is a great opportunity to record your traditions and beliefs about Santa’s place in your own holiday celebrations. Does he visit your house? When does he arrive and what types of gifts does he bring? Does he fill stockings or leave wrapped or unwrapped gifts? How does he enter your home? At what age did your views of his existence change? Journal carefully to preserve the innocent beliefs of others.


  • Many families mark this time of year with an annual visit to Santa. He may show up at Christmas parties, or even in a local shopping mall. Take photos of your loved ones with the big guy and document their list of Christmas wishes. If you have pictures from several years of Santa visits, it would be fun to do a timeline layout showing the differences in both your family members and the various Santas that were visited.


  • Are there any Santa ornaments or decorations in your collection? My mom has several amazing wooden Santas that she has painted. These are a real treasure in our family and worth documenting in pictures and words.



Happy St. Nicholas Day!

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