Enjoying and drying herbs

I was sad to clean out my garden boxes last week, but I know that winter weather is just around the corner. I had a bumper crop of herbs this year and I wasn't quite sure what to do with all of them. I decided to cut bundles of them (and a few flowers) to put in Mason jars and enjoy on my windowsill. 

They have lasted for almost a week already and they still smell wonderful. So pretty too! I've been changing the water regularly so I think that has made them last longer.

I still had even more herbs which reminded me of a very old post I put together back in 2011 about drying herbs. It was fun to dig out these photos and reminisce about this project.

I took advantage of a sunny day in October to harvest the last of our herbs. I just love fresh herbs and growing our own has been a very satisfying experience. I wanted to savor every last bit of them so I decided to dry them. I’ve talked to a friend about her method and did a little online research and ended up coming up with my own approach. After cutting the herbs, I put them into bundles and tied the ends with twine.

Don’t they look pretty? They smelled so wonderful! I hung each bundle upside down in a brown lunch bag and tied it at the top. Feel free to sing a little song here…   I couldn’t resist!

Using the bag approach makes it so the herbs are drying upside down in a dark and dry environment. It’s better than hanging them from the ceiling because the bag catches any loose herbs that drop. I’ve tried this a few times throughout the summer and it works out really well. After about 2 weeks, the herbs are completely dried out and then they can be crumbled into containers to store. You can use a mortar & pestle if you want to, but I found it easiest to just rub them between my fingers. That way, I’m able to focus just on the leaves and not get the stems mixed in.

After the herbs are completely dried out, just put them in storage containers to use throughout the winter. Bonus points if you get to use a label maker. lol!

I think herbs are my favorite things to grow. They are easy to care for, look beautiful, smell wonderful, and taste so good!

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