Free images to download

Do you ever go looking for free to download images that are copyright free? I do all the time!

You might wonder why I look for free images to download when I take so many pictures of my own? There are many reasons! First of all, I'm always on the lookout for ideas and inspiration. Looking at photographs taken by others is a great way to sharpen your eye for what makes a great picture.

I also like to use these kinds of images for my own creations. I often add word art or quotes using an app like Retype or Wordswag.

Photos can be a great starting point for other projects. I used this forest photo in the waterlogue app to create a beautiful new piece of art.

One of the most useful applications is filling spaces in a collage or on a scrapbook page.

Where do I find all these images? It's important to have a good source that offers copyright free pictures that are truly free to use. My favorite site is Photos for Class because it is family friendly. Unsplash is another great one for the same reason and the pictures there are amazing! Another approach is to search the creative commons pool on Flickr. There are other sites out there, but some of them have adult images mixed in. Others try to lock you into buying memberships. Use caution when searching the web for free photos. Make sure you are really using images that are high quality and copyright free. You will find that you can do some really creative things with a lot more pictures in your stash!