Smash Books

If you are looking for one of the easiest forms of scrapbooking, I definitely recommend Smashbooking, which is simply the act of pasting or taping items into a notebook or small album of any sort. The term Smash Book comes from an official brand created by K & Company. They certainly did not invent this form of memory keeping. People have been putting memorabilia and other saved items into notebooks for as long as those things have existed. It’s a quick and easy way to organize memories in a way that they can be kept and enjoyed for years to come. 

Now that we are a lot smarter about the long term life of our saved memories, we have learned to make sure the papers and adhesives we use are acid and lignin-free. That’s why I prefer to use notebooks manufactured by scrapbooking companies. Thankfully, there are many choices available now and plenty of albums that would work for “smashing”. 

If you need some ideas for what to put in your Smash Books, be sure to check out my list on Pinterest. It's been pinned more than 7,000 times! Who knows how many times it has been re-pinned?!

Now let me show you some smashing in action!

I love all the colorful spines on these books. They look so happy on my white bookshelf!

I always love adding to our travel books. I save ticket stubs, maps, room keys, and other misc. items when we go places. My husband will hand me stuff and say "here's something for your punchbook" - he never can remember what it's called. It cracks me up and now I also call it a "punchbook" to be silly.

I especially like to put small fold out items like programs and maps right in the book. Since there are no page protectors, it's really easy to access them.

My son is happy that I keep a Smash Book for him. We put in movie ticket and concert ticket stubs. Lately, we've also been adding sporting events. It's a great way for him to feel like he is part of the memory keeping!

My daughter also has her own Smash Book where she keeps the same type of memorabilia. 

Pockets full of hotel room key cards and a postcard from a favorite stay in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

After several years, we now have filled an entire page with fortune cookie fortunes! I put these in a book we keep just for food-related memories.

I don't see Smash Books around as much anymore, but you can still purchase them online at and you can always use other notebooks or albums. The main point of these books for me it to have somewhere to store this little misc. bits of life in a quick and easy way. So easy that anyone in my family can add their own special treasures. I highly recommend finding something like this and making it part of your memory keeping routine!



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