On finishing

"Find your joy in something finished, and not in a thousand things begun."

I'm really good at starting projects, not so good at finishing them. I've really worked on this over the past few years, but I still have a long way to go. So why is it so hard to finish? Why do we humans need some big motivation to get to the end of something?

Look at all the sayings that relate to this:
•    The big finish
•    Reach the finish line
•    Finish what you started
•    Start early. Finish strong
•    From start to finish
•    Photo finish

In the craft world, the list of non-completed projects are referred to as UFO's
or Unfinished Objects! How many UFO's have you sighted lately?

What do you need to finish? What motivates you to finish what you've started? I'm trying to discover (and re-discover) these things for myself. I like to check tasks off a list. I love to take pictures of completed projects. I like to be able to say "I did that!" Maybe if I try harder to remember those things about myself, I will be able to finish more of my UFOs and daunting tasks.

Here's to finishing strong!