Adobe Premiere Elements 15

I would have to say that the area I'm most disorganized in when it comes to memory keeping is definitely in home videos. I have tapes from 20+ years ago that are no longer playable because I don't have a VCR. I did get them all transferred to DVD through Costco, but they are not in any order and there are bits and pieces of clips spread out through dozens of DVDs. It's all pretty daunting! One of my biggest goals for our family is to get these all sorted out and edited into nice movies that can be watched, shared, and enjoyed. That's why I've been really excited about delving into Photoshop Elements Premiere 15 from Adobe.

I like to get the bundle Adobe offers that includes both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements. You can read my review of PSE 15 here.  It's a fantastic program! So is Premiere Elements and it is a wonderful tool to turn videos into something worth sharing! I have found that not as many people are aware of this program so I think it's useful to share an introductory video that explains what you can do with Premiere Elements.

One of the most useful features I found right away is that Premiere Elements converted my video into files that could be edited. The Costco DVDs only opened up in a specific way and I really couldn't access each individual file. Once I added the media files to Premiere Elements, it was easy to rename them and open them again and again for tweaking and editing.

It might surprise you how easy it is to actually edit a video? You know all those great tools in Photoshop Elements like guided edits? Well, they have similar features in Premiere Elements!

Not sure where to start? I highly recommend the tutorial section from the Adobe website. Great information there! Here's a list of basics to get you going:

Essentials for beginners 

And you can do a lot more than just basic editing. Check out all of these features!





So if you are like me and have years of videos that are collecting dust somewhere on a shelf or wasting away on your computer, Adobe Premiere Elements is a the program I recommend to help turn these memories into accessible and enjoyable movies worth watching. Be sure to watch the Adobe website and over the coming weekend for great Black Friday deals!