Christmas Trees to Remember - 2016

I'm going back in time to write this post after I realized that I never shared my 2016 Christmas tree here on my blog. My regular followers will know that this is a yearly tradition that I started back in 2013.

Jazz tree .JPG

We decorate our Christmas tree with a different theme each year that reflects something about our current life. This was a hard year for me to figure out because I didn't want to do something that my daughter would feel bad about missing while she's away on her mission. So I decided to do a Utah Jazz tree since the guys and I have enjoyed watching the games so much this year. It turned out fun, although it feels like it still needs a few more pieces. Whose idea was it to get such a stinking big tree? Oops, that was me! My favorite part is the tree skirt. I laid out all of our old jerseys to create it. Note- every time we buy a jersey, that player ends up leaving the team. 

Here are links to our previous trees:




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