Memory Monday 11 - a snapshot in time

This is a picture of me in 1984. This is my sophomore year school photo. I was 15 at the time.
I remember not really liking this photo at the time. Of course now I would love to look like this again. Funny how time changes your perceptions. As I was looking through my photo files, I opened the one labeled “1984” and found this photo. Totally random, I wasn’t looking for it.

This photograph made me think about how that year was the beginning of high school for me. It was taken before I ever set foot in the high school. I remember being VERY nervous about what high school would be like.

My hair was so much lighter then. (My hair really got dark in my twenties after I had kids.) I remember really liking that yellow sweater vest with that gray and yellow striped oxford shirt. It was kind of the ending of the “preppy” era of the early 80’s and before The Limited took over my wardrobe. Does anyone out there remember The Limited? Now they have a Limited for girls, but this one was aimed at teenagers and women. I loved their stuff! For a short time, it was even popular for boys to buy their Firenze (?) jeans there, even though it was a girl’s clothing store. Weird, huh?

I wore contacts back then. (I had lasik in 2001 and started wearing glasses again a few years ago). My hair was kind of feathery at that point, but as soon as I started school, I cut it into an angular bob like almost every other girl in my school had that year. I also started wearing much bigger earrings after this. It seems like this picture captures a transitional time for me, one before I really turned into a full on teenager. Also a time before the eighties really hit me. Interesting to think about that. Not something you can see coming, only in retrospect.

This is me before I entered high school, before I ever dated anyone, before I could drive.  One of my best friends at that time would become my college roommate and a lifelong best friend. This is me when I was friends with the boy who I would later marry. My brother was 3 years old. My youngest brother didn’t exist yet. My parents were 37 and 38 years old. Three of my grandparents were still alive (and would be for a long time). Now they are all gone.
This is just a picture of me in 1984. It may not seem significant, but it brings back a lot of memories for me. If I didn’t write them down, no one would understand all the stories this picture has to tell.

This is why I love scrapbooking. I love unearthing the memories. I hope you will take a chance to pick a photo from your past and do the same thing. Great little exercise for a Memory Monday!