QR codes and how to put them in your scrapbooks

I admit that I was afraid to put QR codes in my albums in the past. I wasn't sure exactly how to do it at first and I"m not the best about uploading and organizing my videos. Well, I'm over it! I've seen the light and I'm loving the way these viewing experiences enhance my scrapbook pages!

Project Life App. Project 52 2016 edition epic card. Little Butterfly Wings Keep Calm and Rock On (no longer available).  Cindy Schneider Watch This  layered card.

Project Life App. Project 52 2016 edition epic card. Little Butterfly Wings Keep Calm and Rock On (no longer available). Cindy Schneider Watch This layered card.

To create a QR code to put on a scrapbook page, you will need to go to a website that generates them. I just Googled "QR code generator" and I found goqr.me to be a great one. It's free and very easy to use. Just select the first box with the globe to mean world wide web link and enter the url.

Then click on the download button. I leave all the settings the same, but I do use the size slider and move it to the biggest size possible of 1000 px. I download the jpeg version. You can certainly play around with all of these settings to customize your code.

Now you will have a QR code image that you can insert into a layout just like a photo. Anyone who wants to watch the video that it links to will need a QR reader. There are several apps for phones that work well. I have only tried a few and I like Bakodo the best. You do have to create an account but there are no ads and it has a very clean interface. It also scans barcodes.

So if you have your QR reader app installed, you can hold it up to the screen and watch what I linked to for the QR code I just made. Hint - Cookie Monster is involved. 

If you want to import the QR code as an image into the Project Life App, you can insert it right into a square space on any of the templates. These codes link to 2 of my favorite Jimmy Fallon videos that I've shared here on my blog before. 

If you want your QR code to look a little fancier, you can insert it onto a journaling card like I did in the first layout in this post. If you want to watch the video in that one, you will need to enter the password paul to access it. I had fun using Cindy's templates to give that card the right look for my page. 

Don't be scared of QR codes. The basic things you need to know are:

  1. You will want to link to a video that will stay put. Avoid linking to videos on personal blogs or places they might be taken down. Stay with sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Some people link to videos in their own dropbox files but I've had mixed luck with that and I worry I might move the file inadvertently. Link to reputable accounts as well. Accounts like Apple or Jimmy Fallon are not going to remove their links.
  2. You can link to password protected videos. Just be sure to include the password on your layout. I didn't do that in my first example because I don't want the entire world watching it if the layout ends up on Pinterest. If they want to take the time to read this post.
  3. Once you have a link, just copy and paste it into a qr code generating website.
  4. Download the image and use in your scrapbooks. 
  5. If for some reason the link ever changed, you could also print out a new code on a sticker and put it over the top of the old code.

Here are a few great resources to help you figure out the easy magic of QR codes: