Scary broom face - tell the stories that go with your photos!

Do you have a picture that can always make you smile? I have a lot of pictures that make me smile, that’s why I love photos so much! This one never fails to make me giggle a bit though – it’s one of my all time favorites. This is my brother Mike when he was about 4 or 5 doing his “scary broom face” impression. 

Let's go back in time to about 1985... the “scary broom” was a decoration in the entryway of our house that apparently scared the living daylights out of the little guy. It was a straw broom with a ribbon and dried flowers on it. He would always run by the broom at full speed and it took us awhile to figure out the issue. When we asked him what the problem was, he told us about the “scary broom” while making this very dramatic face. It became forever known as “the scary broom face” in our family and I love that we have photo documentation of it!

What’s a picture that always makes you smile? Find it and write about why it’s a favorite. Nobody else will ever know why it's special to you unless you tell the story!