Celebrating Friends

Like many other fans, I'm looking forward to the upcoming special on NBC where 5 of the 6 cast members from FRIENDS get together for some interviews. I've already watched a few clips here. 

There are a few other shows that I loved over the years (LOST, Alias, & Burn Notice come to mind) but Friends is my all-time favorite. I loved the witty writing and I still enjoy watching old reruns even though I have seen them dozens of times. The biggest part of why I love Friends is the cast. I can’t think of another group of actors that meshed so well on a TV show. You really did feel like you were watching a group of friends (and they actually did like each other in real life). The chemistry was something special on that show and the timing was just right. I don’t believe that even the same actors could recreate now what they had on the show during those 10 seasons.

Friends was also a rare success because it was good from the very start. Some of the earliest episodes are my favorites. It did get a little stale for me in a few of the later seasons, but it always seemed to pick back up again. Maybe I also feel a connection because I’m the same age as some of the actors and characters. I still quote the show on a regular basis which probably drives my hubby crazy since he was never into the Friends thing.

My top ten most favorite Friends episodes:

1.    The One with the Embryos – this is the one where Ross makes up the game that Monica & Rachel lose. I love that they end up switching apartments – that made for a great stretch of shows that season. I think it’s the best episode of the series.
2.    The One Where No One’s Ready – another classic! I like the real-time countdown in this episode and the interactions between the characters are fabulous. Joey & Chandler – “could I BE wearing any more clothes?” Ross & Rachel – “you were going to drink the fat!” Monica’s hysterical message to Richard. Great stuff!
3.    The One Where Everybody Finds Out – I think the scenes where Phoebe is seducing Chandler are so funny. When Ross screams with Phoebe & Rachel in his new apartment, he is just hilarious. Love Joey in this one also.
4.    The One with the Prom Video – “Bracelet Buddies” Joey & Chandler are so funny! Love the old prom video and that Rachel finally realizes that Ross is “her lobster”.
5.    The One Where Emma Cries – the scenes with Joey and Ross are so funny in this episode! I crack up every time I watch the scene where Joey punches Ross. The other story lines aren’t all that great, but the Ross/Joey interactions make this one of my favorites.
6.    The One Where Ross Finds Out – Rachel is very funny in this one and I love the interactions between her and Ross when he finds out. Oh, and that kiss at the end! Wowza!
7.    The One with the Morning After – this is a rare sad episode so it might seem surprising that it made my top ten list. The acting was just so good in this one and it actually makes me cry when I watch it. I think it’s an important episode in the series because it makes you realize just how much you want Ross & Rachel to work out.
8.    The One with Joey’s Interview – tons of Joey clips which always make me laugh.
9.    The One Where Joey Loses his Health Insurance – Joey’s hernia makes for some funny scenes in this episode and I love his interactions with Chandler. The Ross fake accent storyline is funny as well.
10.    The One with the Routine – I had a really hard time picking number 10 on the list because there are several great episodes that could fit here. I decided on this one because Ross and Monica’s “routine” is just hilarious! The rest of the episode is just “ok” but the dance number is one of my favorites.

I know it's just a TV show, but I have so many memories that are tied into the series. I'm thinking that these Friends deserve a page or two in my scrapbooks!

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