Have you thought about Leap Day?

Next Monday (February 29th) is Leap Day! It only happens once every 4 years so I hope you are planning to do something fun to celebrate!

How about taking a picture of someone "leaping" through the air? Give your kids (or yourself!) permission to jump on the beds. If this scares you, then just make it a rule only for leap day and only to be done when someone with a camera is watching. Keep it safe of course, but also go a little crazy! Need some inspiration? How about all these amazing jumping and leaping pictures that I found on flickr!

see full credits for photos here.

Want to journal about Leap Day? Try this Wikipedia article for some good information. I often use sources like Wikipedia to add interesting facts to my scrapbook pages. 

Take a leap this year and try something new. Try parting your hair on a different side, or learning a new hobby. Go to a restaurant you have never tried before or play a new game. Be sure to take pictures of your "leap" and write or scrap about it!

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