Cultivating a good life

I was surprised (and delighted) to see my face on Instagram yesterday when Becky Higgins posted this:

I love her series about cultivating a good life and I'm such a strong believer that we are the ones in charge of how we cultivate our life. When I filled out the application to apply for her creative team, that was one of the questions - how do you cultivate a good life? I knew right away how to answer because it's something that has been on my mind a lot. I'm in a new season of my life right now where my kids are grown but in unique situations. My daughter is on a mission and my son is home with us. It's a different time than anything I've experienced before and I want to enjoy it to the fullest. I've tried to have that attitude throughout my life (sometimes it's easier than others) and focus on the here and now instead of wishing for the past or the future. It's a constant balancing act and an interesting one as a memory keeper.

I am enjoying this season though and one of the fun parts of it is getting to be a part of the Project Life creative team this year. What a great experience it has been already! Just take a look at the latest batch of pages from the digital and app team and you will be amazed at the talent. I know I am! 

Thank you Becky! And thank you to all of you who left nice comments for me on Instagram. Totally made my day!