Shopping stories

I'm currently going through some of my old files and I found some journal entries from 2003 that made me giggle. I sort of quit scrapbooking in 2003 and 2004, but thankfully I still wrote things down! It just reminds me of how important it is to document your life in some way. We are lucky today because we have many options: Facebook, Instagram, blogs, emails, apps, and more. These are notes I made in a Word Perfect (dating myself here) document which works as well. The important thing is to write them down and then make sure you can find them later. I thought these were worth sharing!


Alex was home from school with a mild cold for a few days the first week in March and on one of the days I took him to Target with me while Riley was in school.  (You might think here - I can’t believe she still takes Alex to Target!)  He was feeling well enough to go and buy the new Veggie Tales video he had been working for and I decided it would be a good chance to let him pick out some new spring clothes.  We also picked up some groceries and by the time we got to the checkout stand we had rung up quite a tab (sorry Jeff!).  When the cashier told me the total I started writing out a check and Alex loudly said “Wow, you’ve got that kind of money Mom?!”  The cashier thought it was pretty funny and he was already pretty amazed by Alex anyway because he insists on helping scan the items like a real checker.  He thinks that would be a great job!

After the Target trip, we headed to Zurchers party store to quickly pick up 2 Mardi Gras masks since we were going to celebrate Mardi Gras at dinner.  On the register there was a sign that said “we cannot accept $100 bills so please don’t pay with $100 bills and so forth...”  The 2 masks totaled up to about $3.50 so I pulled out a $20 bill to pay.  Alex noticed this and said to the clerk “don’t worry, we won’t be using a $100 bill, we are only a middle class family!”  I was trying to hard not to burst out laughing so I didn’t even look at the clerk.  When we left the store I asked Alex about what he said and he replied “well, I didn’t want her to think we were too rich or too poor.”

What a funny kid!