My Social Book for me

Remember when I put together an album from MySocialBook for my daughter last fall? It was definitely the easiest scrapbook I've ever made - and yes, I totally count it as a scrapbook! It has so many details of her life and lots of photos and fun content. Well, I've been wanting to do this for myself as well so I took the plunge!

I've been using Facebook since 2009 though so I had too much material for just one book!

I ended up splitting up the years so they fit into two albums and it worked out wonderfully as each book was almost 280 pages long. I also included my instagram feed and the only "work" I had to do was to just go through and delete the duplicate posts that showed up on both instagram and facebook so they weren't in the book twice. I don't post the same thing to both feeds very often so it wasn't a big deal.

 I love the simplicity of the design and it's fun to see the comments and likes on my posts. You can customize interior and exterior colors but I just kept things simple with white covers and blue accents inside.

There are things in my Facebook feed that definitely deserve a place in an album, such as this silly memory!

One of my favorite features is that QR codes are included for videos that you shared. So cool! 

You will want to have a QR reader on your phone as you look through a finished album with video codes. I like this one but I honestly have never tried any others. I'm sure there are plenty of good ones around!

That's it! It's just an easy project that is a lot of fun to look through. There was a coupon code in the back of my albums for me to share with my friends - and you guys are definitely my friends! So if you want to get $11 off your next order, use code LPF2A4A2D valid through June 13, 2016