April is National Humor Month

April is National Humor Month so it's the perfect time to think about adding some humor to your scrapbooking! Your sense of humor and the funny things that happen to you deserve to be documented. They are part of your story!

  • Now is the time to pull out your funniest pictures and create a layout. What about all those awful pictures where you catch someone off guard, or they have a funny expression on their face? Put them all on one layout and title it “Odds and Ends” or “a face only a mother could love!” It’s a great way to use photos you might not think of scrapping otherwise, and the page is bound to be a family favorite!


  • What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you, or someone you scrap for? Whether or not you have pictures of the actual event, create a page about the experience. Tell the stories that you swap with loved ones when you need a good laugh.


  • What jokes do your kids tell? Interview them and record their funny sense of humor no matter what their age. Even teenagers will have some hilarious stories to share.


  • Write out a list of the goofiest mistakes you have ever made. In our family we call them “bloopers” and if you think about blooper reels from movies or TV shows, you are bound to remember plenty of your own to share as well.


  • What are your favorite funnies? What movies or television shows make you laugh? Do you read any comics? Are there any authors or comedians that you find humorous? Make a page about these and you will capture an important and fun part of your personality to share with others.



  • Kids say the silliest things, so if you have any pint sized cuties in your life, you are bound to have a lot of material for a great layout. Include their silly sayings in your journaling or dedicate an entire page to the theme of “kids say the darndest things!”