When my daughter and I went shopping back in 2014, we giggled over this t-shirt about hashtags. I’m not against hashtags in general, but they can get crazy and become quite annoying in many cases. When my Dad saw this photo, he emailed me and asked me what the # sign meant? This was my response:

They are hashtags and they are a way to tag something so it becomes searchable. For instance, if you tag a photo with #disneyland then you will be able to click on that tag (it becomes a link) and see every photo that has ever been tagged #disneyland. They are useful if you are participating in photo contests or trying to be part of a community. A lot of people think it’s funny to tag something with a really long sentence like #iamsostinkingfunny – but then it’s not useful anymore, just a way to be silly. I actually wrote an article about how to use hashtags if you want to read it. 

I know people who LOVE hashtags and use them all the time and I know people who get mad every time they see a # sign. People tend to have strong opinions about this topic. I didn't care for them when they first came on the scene, but I do have to admit they are useful when you want to search through your own photos on a social media site. I've started using them to tag trips and events like #ktloveschicago (inspired by Becky Higgins using her #bhlovesarizona tag) and my favorite one is #alexnotsittinginchairs used to keep track of all the silly ways my son doesn't sit in chairs.

Some other hashtags I use frequently include:

Do you use hashtags? Do you have any favorites that you would like to share? I'd love to know!