What's on your...?

I found this prompt in an older post on Ali Edwards’ blog and thought it was a good one to capture a slice of my everyday life right now.

 Here’s what’s on my…

VANITY | J.R. Watkins Grapefruit Soap. I like the packaging of the Dr. Watkins products and I like all the scents except for the lemon, which is too strong for me. My favorite ones are the Orange Citrus and Coconut. Also, Lubriderm Intensive Care Lotion. My skin gets very dry and this is the best lotion I have found to keep the moisture in.

PERENNIAL TO DO LIST | There is always some sort of organizing project on my list. Right now, it's the kitchen cupboards and our storage room in the basement. Lose weight is another thing that never leaves my list. Sigh.

REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | They are a little on the bare side right now. Mostly salad dressings and jars of jam and pickles. Nothing really too great. I do have quite a few types of cheese on hand though. Man, I love cheese!

ITINERARY | Write blog posts, clean, scrapbook, do laundry, work on some designs, help my son with some projects, prepare for an upcoming vacation. 

FANTASY ITINERARY |   Read all day in a hammock outside with a cool breeze and no mosquitoes. Be served all meals from a wonderful butler who has arranged for my favorite foods. Ok, it's a fantasy, but it sounds pretty awesome!

PLAYLIST | The soundtrack to Hamilton. My husband saw it in New York (lucky guy) in July and we've all been obsessed with the soundtrack ever since.

NIGHTSTAND | A few new journaling type books I picked up from Anthropologie; Q&A a Day + 5 Year Memory Journal. They look pretty and I am excited to work through the prompts in both books.

WORKOUT PLAN | This is a hard one for me. I'm working on more walking + water aerobics.

IPHONE | I have the iPhone 6 and it goes everywhere with me. My phone is filled with apps, texts, and photos. What did I ever do without it?

TOP 5 LIST | Family, Home, Making Memories, Cookies, Sunshine.

BUCKET LIST | Own a vacation home. See my kids get settled in happy lives. Have grandchildren, River cruise on the Mississippi. A big long train trip somewhere. 

MIND | There's a million things in there all the time. It would be great if I could keep it all straight and keep it working as long as possible.

BLOGROLL | A random assortment that includes blogs about digital scrapbooking, project life, photography, cooking, and a few friends. 

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE | Bulletin boards with pictures and postcards and a new LEGO minifigure shelf.

LIQUOR SHELF | I don’t drink. I do have several bottles of syrup for Italian sodas though. 

LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT | We have no credit card debt and we don’t use them. Very happy about this!

SCREENSAVER | A random rotation of images that came with Windows 10. There are some really pretty ones!

TV EVERY NIGHT | I don't watch TV every night. When I do watch, it's usually older shows on Netflix. Right now I'm into Frasier even though I've seen them all before. We have been watching some Olympics around here lately. My son and I usually watch Stephen Colbert clips most mornings on YouTube.

Thanks to Ali (and her sister) for the inspiration!