Don't let "the man" get you down or Keep Instagram Chronological

Let me just warn you that this is going to be a rant. But you know I don't do that very often so hopefully you will bear with me. 

Instagram announced that they are going to change to a curated type of feed instead of keeping posts chronological. What does that mean? It means that they will decide what you want to see instead of just letting it all happen in order. This has happened to Facebook. This has happened on Pinterest. I thought Instagram was the one place left where I could actually see the things my friends were posting. But no.... "the man" is trying to stick to me there too. This is where we need to watch the School of Rock clip explaining "the man". 

LOL! Seriously though, I got myself kind of riled up about this one. Instagram is the one place that I can scroll through my feed and know when I'm caught up. When I get to pictures I've already seen, I know I'm current. I don't have to worry that I missed something that people I've chosen to follow have posted. 

Basic stuff here. I choose to follow someone, I want to see what they post. Is that so hard?

So if you want to do something about this, go and sign the petition at Instagram has said they will listen. I sure hope they do!