Fast 15

I've been going through my old blog files looking for inspiration and I ran into a prompt I posted about 3 years ago. The funny thing is that the majority of my answers haven't changed since then, I've just added a few new likes. I guess I'm pretty consistent!

Here are 15 quick questions to ask and/or answer. Such a great way to get journaling material! I’ve included my own responses in case you ever wanted to know any of this stuff.  

1.    Favorite Color – I've always loved greens. Lately I'm into blues for some reason, especially navy blue. It's a classic!
2.    Favorite Movie or TV Character – Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates movies. He has been my favorite for years.
3.    Favorite Candy –  almond or peanut m&ms. I also love the homemade divinity that my hubby's Grandma used to make and the homemade caramels that my mom makes. Homemade candy is so good!
4.    Favorite Drink – I love plain water with ice and it's always my favorite. Italian cream sodas are yummy too!
5.    Favorite Flower – daffodils
6.    Favorite Collection – Lego minifigures
7.    Favorite Food – cookies
8.    Favorite Animal – our golden retriever Ginger who passed away in 2011. She was such a sweetheart.
9.    Favorite Movie – Finding Nemo. UP, Inside Out, and Beauty and the Beast are all in the running as well.
10.    Favorite TV Show – Friends
11.    Favorite Season – Fall
12.    Hobbies & Talents – Digi Scrapping, blogging, photography, reading, collecting globes, playing board games, & being with my family
13.    Anywhere in the world I would like to be or go – the beach. Always the beach. I also just like to see new places, especially when I can go with my family.
14.    What I love to wear – my Utah Jazz sweatshirt. It's so soft and comfy!
15.    A way I like to relax – taking a nap!
Feel free to copy and paste this for your own blog, journal, or scrapbook page. Of course, you will want to change the answers…unless you are just like me! lol!