March is optimism month

In the world of overlooked holidays, there are many fun themes and celebrations that can help you find material and inspiration for your memory keeping, as well as your everyday life. I think it’s pretty cool that March is considered optimism month! I’m not a total Pollyanna or anything, but I do like to consider myself to be a pretty positive person and that has helped me get through some hard times. You can always find something to complain about…or you can always find something to be grateful for. It just depends on your perspective.

 Here are some ways that this month of optimism can help you get creative:

  • What makes you feel happy? Do you have pictures of the items and people that give you joy? If not, take some this month and use them on a layout.
  • Who are the most optimistic people you know? Write a tribute to their optimism.
  • What do you feel optimistic about yourself? Make a list of things to feel positive about yourself now and of that you are looking forward to in the future.
  • Find a letter, certificate, award or some item that you have received and include it in your albums. Write about your accomplishment.
  • Use a quote about optimism in your scrapbook, blog, or journal. There are some great ones here and here.
  • I've pinned many inspirational quotes and sayings on my Pinterest board for words. Start your own board to collect positive vibes!

Life's too short to spend it being negative. Embrace optimism!