More than 5000 photography ideas

Do you ever feel stumped for photography ideas? I really don't have that problem. Not that I'm bragging or anything... I really think it has more to do with the fact that I read and save lists full of ideas all the time. Oh, and I take at least one photo every day and I've been doing that for a few years now so that helps keep the ideas flowing as well. It gets easier the more you shoot!

If you need a boost of suggestions for what to shoot, I have just the list for you!


Ok, I didn't actually write a list of more than 5,000 ideas, but I have a list of links to people and sites with great ideas and that actually took me forever to compile. When you add them all up, there are about 5,023 prompts to help you find things to photograph. Wow! Several of these offer free pdf printables. Be sure to bookmark or pin this post so you can find this list when you are looking for inspiration!

Now there is absolutely no reason to say you can't think of what to take a picture of. Hooray for the internet!