June Solstice

Today is both the longest and the shortest day of the year - depending on which hemisphere you live in. 


 Where I live, this is the longest day of the year with the most hours of daylight. In North America, the summer solstice is also considered to be the first day of summer. In other countries across Europe and Asia, the solstice often coincides with the midsummer celebrations since the summer season in some areas begins on May 1st and ends on July 31st.

  • Document the hours of daylight on this date and how you filled those hours. How do you celebrate the summer solstice? Take pictures and detail your own traditions.


  • What activities do you participate in each summer? Does your family participate in outdoor sports like swimming, hiking, or baseball? Do you travel to far off places, or take side-trips closer to home?


  • Are your kids out of school or does your schedule change in other ways during the summer months? Create a “scenes of summer” themed layout and include the details of your everyday life during this time of year.


  • Each year there is a summer solstice festival at Stonehenge in England as well as other associated festivals across the UK. Have you ever had the opportunity to attend any of these events? Or have you visited Stonehenge before? This is the perfect excuse for a layout to celebrate this amazing and unique place. You can also find some great Stonehenge photos to download.

Happy Solstice no matter where you live!