Happy Candy Month!

If you purchased my Amazing Month of Memories series a few years ago, you will know that I love quirky little holidays. It’s so fun to have a reason to celebrate something silly (or yummy) like National Candy Month. I decided to reprint what I wrote about Candy Month since it’s something I definitely want to enjoy again.

•    Hooray for candy month! I have a real sweet tooth so this will be a fun one for me to scrap about, and now I have a legitimate excuse to go to the candy shop! Take your camera to your favorite candy store and snap some sweet pictures (remember it is a good idea to get permission from the store management before doing this.) You will have some fun and colorful pictures and you can create a page about candy. Be sure to include details like favorites, special treats, and even prices of the candy you buy.
•    I love to photograph candy, it is a patient and colorful subject, and you can eat it when you are done! I have photographed holiday editions of m&m’s and Hershey kisses to add some fun to my scrapbook pages. Candy corns, Easter peeps, chocolate hearts, and other seasonal treats are also great candidates for some colorful holiday photo opportunities.
•    Do you make homemade candy? Candy making is truly an art form as well as an exercise in cooking science. Take pictures of your creations and include your recipes and the traditions behind the treats you make. Many candy recipes are passed through family generations and have fond memories attached to them. Recipes can be illustrated with scrapbooking embellishments and they make wonderful gifts for friends and family.
•    Visit a candy factory and see how candy is made. Take pictures and buy some souvenirs. Here are some ideas for factories and famous candy spots to visit:
  -  Hershey's Chocolate World
  - Candy Factory Tours in the USA
  - Ghiradelli Square
  - M&M World
  - America's best candy shops

I really need some candy now! I feel totally justified since it is “National Candy Month” – now I just need to decide how to celebrate!