Hometown Tourist

Back in June of 2008, I wrote a blog post about being a "hometown tourist" after I read this great entry on Kelly Goree's blog. Back then, words like photowalking were new to me and all of this seemed like such a revolutionary idea. With the rise of social media and photo sharing on sites like Instagram, none of this is news anymore. It's funny how things change in 8 years. It's also funny how they don't. Being a tourist in your own hometown is still a great idea! It's also something I still need to remind myself to do and I feel like the beginning of summer is a good time to think about stepping up my local visits and photowalking opportunities. 

Can you believe that I've lived in the Salt Lake area for most of my life and I never visited the Great Salt Lake until last year? It's probably the thing we are most known for and I hadn't been there! I bet there are some places in your hometown (or state) that you haven't been to either. Now's a great time to do something about that! Do a Google search for "top tourist attractions in" and add your town or state to the search.

When I did that search for Salt Lake City, Google showed me several points of interest.

The search also turned up several travel related websites. I like to find the official tourism page for a location and look through what they have to offer. Salt Lake City has a great page with a lot of information.

I also keep a board on Pinterest to save links and ideas to whenever I see anything related to tourism in my hometown. Then I use this board to plan fun things for our family to do. If you are interested in visiting Utah, you might enjoy following my Travel- Utah board. I would also recommend starting your own board for the area you live in. It's a great way to keep track of local attractions.

Be sure to enjoy the sites in your own town, city, state (province), and country. There are a lot of amazing places to see in the world, but you might be taking the ones near you for granted!