On my summer mind

I've always loved the idea of summer bucket lists, but I quit putting pressure on myself to follow one a few years ago and it was a great decision. I don't like reaching the end of summer and realizing that my plans and dreams fell short. Way short! Because no human could every accomplish all the things that I would put on a list like that! lol!

However, I am realizing that summer is slipping away and there are some things I would still like to do. I feel like I missed a big chunk of fun time by being sick for 2+ weeks in July. Not cool! So here is my non-bucket list of things I would love to do in the final phase of summer.

Instead of just typing up my list here on the blog, I used the Retype app to put it together. The Wordswag app would also work for this as well. Now I have my list saved as an image that can go right onto a scrapbook page along with the pictures of the things I do this summer. It was easy to do and I find it to be more motivating this way. Give it a try!