Bucket List

One of my friends posted this on Facebook. I decided rather than copy and paste it to my Facebook feed, I would put it here on my blog.

Bucket List  - Put a ❤️ if you have done it. 

Been Married ❤️

Been divorced 

Fell in love ❤️

Gone on a blind date ❤️ a few times. The worst one was the guy who just said he was “from the hills of Idaho” and when I asked him where that was, he said “the hills”.

Skipped school ❤️

Watched someone give birth - I actually didn’t watch myself give birth so I can’t really mark this one off. 

Watched someone die ️

Been to Canada ❤️

Ridden in an ambulance 

Been to Hawaii ❤️

Been to Europe ❤️

Been to Las Vegas ❤️

Been to Washington D.C. ❤️

Been to Nashville 

Visited Florida ❤️

Visited Mexico ❤️

Seen the Grand Canyon in person ️

Flown in a helicopter ️

Been on a cruise ❤️

Served on a jury ️

Been in a movie

Danced in the rain 

Been to Los Angeles ❤️

Been to New York City ❤️

Played in a band ❤️ -just the school band in elementary school where I played the clarinet

Sang karaoke ❤️

Laughed so much you cried ❤️

Caught a snowflake on your tongue ❤️

Had children ❤️

Had a pet ❤️

Been sledding on big hill ❤️

Been downhill skiing ❤️

Been water skiing ❤️

Rode on a motorcycle ❤️

Traveled to all 50 states 

Jumped out of a plane ️

Been to a drive-in movie ❤️

Rode an elephant 

Rode a Horse ❤️

Been on TV ❤️

Been in the newspaper ❤️

Stayed in the Hospital ❤️

Donated blood 

Gotten a piercing ❤️ -my ears only

Gotten a tattoo 

Driven a stick shift vehicle ❤️ - yes, but I stink at it!

Been scuba diving

Lived on your own ❤️

Rode in the back of a police car

Got a speeding ticket ❤️

Broken a bone ❤️ - actually had one broken for me in a surgery to fix my leg in high school.

Gotten stitches ❤️

Traveled Alone ❤️ - I was flying to meet Jeff in New York City and got delayed because of bad weather. I had to spend the night by myself (without my luggage) in the Cincinnati airport.

I thought this was a fun list so I decided to add a few photos and Project Life cards and turn it into a scrapbook page. Easy peasy!


Project Life App. Squared Away 4. Just Add Color edition. 

Project Life App. Squared Away 4. Just Add Color edition.