My May reading report

Without even planning to, I read five books in the month of May. I enjoyed all of them and three of the books were so good that they kept me up at night because I couldn't put them down. Oh how I love that feeling!

I'm still using Goodreads for tracking and reviewing all the books and it's been a great tool for me. Here are the individual reviews for the books I read in May:

Five Presidents by Clint Hill

Rating - 5 out of 5 stars 

Read from May 02 to 06, 2016

Format- Kindle Edition

I really loved this book! Clint Hill is the Secret Service Agent who helped Jackie get off the trunk and back into the car when JFK was shot. He was forever changed by that day. It was fascinating to read about his experiences with 5 different Presidents and his role in the Secret Service with each of them. He gave up so much of his own life to serve our leaders. He witnessed so much history.

This isn't a juicy tell-all kind of book, this is a first person accounting of what it was like to be serving and protecting the various Presidents and their families. I've already purchased his other two books and I can't wait to read them!

Brick by Brick by David C. Robertson

Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Read from May 12 to 18, 2016

Format - Paperback Edition

Anyone who knows me understands that I am passionate about LEGO. I especially love the minifigs and I have quite the collection! It was interesting to read about the business side of the company and I learned a lot of background information that I did not previously know about.

This is a business book and the focus is on the growth and economics of the company. It can be a little technical at times and I felt like it jumped around a bit in telling the historical ups and downs of LEGO. Overall, it was a good read and I found myself respecting the simple little brick even more.

Murder She Wrote - Design for Murder

Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

Read from April 30 to May 02, 2016

Format - Kindle Edition 

My son and I love watching old Murder She Wrote episodes on Netflix. I really like the character of Jessica Fletcher (played by Angela Lansbury) and I enjoy the simple but fun format of the show. I was intrigued when I saw this book series and decided to give it a try since I love mysteries so much.

It really felt like Jessica Fletcher wrote this book. It's hard to explain, but it actually felt like I was reading one of the TV episodes. It's very similar in tone and format. Super easy to read and nothing too challenging. I also like that it is tasteful and clean like the TV show. I would have no problem letting my son read these books. He isn't sure he wants to because he says he just likes to watch the show. I might pick up another one when I need a quick and mindless distraction.

The Fairy Tale Girl by Susan Branch

Rating - 5 out of 5 stars

Read from May 23 to 26, 2016

Format - Hardcover

I've always thought Susan Branch had pretty artwork, but I never knew much about her as a person. This is book one in a 3 part series she is writing about her own life and experiences. The Fairy Tale Girl by Susan Branch. This is one you will want in hardback because the illustrations and style of the book are amazing.

Her story was fascinating to me. She was very open and honest about her own shortcomings and her failed first marriage. I had no idea that the book would end up being so personal. It also documents her artistic journey as she discovered her talents. It's hard for me to believe that she didn't even start drawing or painting until her late twenties/early thirties. So interesting!

What I loved most about the book is that it felt like a combination of a scrapbook + art journal + autobiography. I would love to put together a book like this about my own life. This is a great read and the book itself is a beautiful keepsake!

See my blog post from yesterday for pictures of the inside of the book.

Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill

Rating - 5 out of 5 stars

Read from May 27 to 30, 2016

Format - Kindle edition 

I read Clint Hill's book Five Presidents and enjoyed it so much that I decided to read this one as well. I could tell from the other book that he had an amazing experience with Jackie Kennedy. Of course it was also very tragic as he was the secret service agent assigned to her and the one who jumped up on the car when President Kennedy was assassinated.

I've never been one to dig all that deep into the Kennedys because I thought I pretty much knew the story since it has all been so public for so many years. I learned a lot of interesting things though and I grew to love Jackie in many ways. Mr. Hill is very respectful of her memory and you can tell that he is protecting her and JFK even to this day. He goes into great detail in this book and the events of the assassination are so well covered that I truly felt like JFK died while I was reading this book. I actually cried while I read about it. 

I enjoyed this book so much and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever wondered what Jackie Kennedy was really like. She is a fascinating person. So is Clint Hill!

I'd love to know if any of you have read these books. Also, feel free to leave me recommendations for your favorites in the comments section. I'm always looking for a good book!