The World's Most Visited Attractions

Most of the content in this post was originally posted on my previous typepad blog in 2012 (hoping all the links still work). I've been meaning to move it over for ages as it was a very popular entry! It's interesting to go through the list of the world's most visited attractions and see which ones you have been to. It's also a great framework to follow for a travel album or fun to use as a bucket list.

No. 1 Times SquareNew York City – I was able to snap this picture of the famous cowboy in June of 2012 when the crowds miraculously parted for a moment. Where else can you see cowboys in their underwear, fake Elmos, spray paint art, and hot Rolex watches all in the same glance? Times Square is a one-of-a-kind place!

No. 2 Central ParkNew York City – Next up on the list is another place we visited on our 2012 trip, Central Park. We went on a carriage ride through the park which is a very touristy thing to do, but hey – we were tourists! It was a fun way to see the park.

 No. 3 Union Station,Washington, D.C. – This was part of my “bucket list”, we took an Amtrak train from Union Station in DC to Penn Station in NYC. I’ve always dreamed of taking a cross-country train trip but my hubby has not been fond of the idea. He did enjoy our 3 hour trip between DC & NYC though so I’m making progress! This is one busy station and it was interesting to see all the different travelers. Our bags were sniff-inspected by a big police dog. I felt really bad for the poor dog because I’m sure our suitcases didn’t smell too good by that point in the trip.

No. 4 Las Vegas Strip – I’ve probably been to Vegas seven or eight different times in my life. There are some fun things to do there, but it sure has gotten more raunchy over the last few years. We aren’t anxious to go back anytime soon.

 I’ve never been to the next 3 destinations on the list:

No. 5 Niagara FallsNew York and Ontario

No. 6 Grand Central TerminalNew York City

No. 7 Faneuil Hall Marketplace,Boston


No. 8 Disney World’s Magic KingdomOrlando – I’m not surprised that this is in the top ten list, I think I would have guessed that it would be ranked higher. We have visited Disney World one time, back in 2008. Such a fun place to visit, but as far as the Disney portion goes, we prefer Disneyland over The Magic Kingdom.

No. 9 Disneyland Park,Anaheim, CA – We are Disneyland people for sure! Well, at least the kids and I are big fans. My hubby has been so many times in his life because of traveling with his parents on a regular business trip to Anaheim. We’ve been a lot of times also, but I enjoy it even more now that my kids are grown. It’s fun to hang out with them there and we love to learn more about the history behind the rides and the secrets of the park. We also love to collect pins.

I haven’t been to either of these:

No. 10 Grand Bazaar,Istanbul

No. 11 Tokyo DisneylandTokyo


No. 12 PIER 39San Francisco – I’ve been to Pier 39 three different times in my life and I’d gladly go back. I love San Francisco! Photo from wikimedia commons

No. 13 Notre Dame Cathedral,Paris – I got to see Notre Dame on my study abroad trip in 1989, but it was being cleaned so a lot of it was covered in scaffolding. We also visited during our trip in the spring of 2015. Photo from wikimedia commons

No. 14 Golden Gate ParkSan Francisco. I was only 2 years old when I went there so I’m not sure I should really count this. I’ve been to San Francisco a few times though, so I guess that will do. Here I am with my parents at Golden Gate Park in 1971.

Never been to

No. 15 Forbidden City,Beijing


No. 16 Epcot, Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL – Epcot was our very favorite thing about going to Disneyworld. We loved learning about all the different countries and trying new foods. I hope we can go back someday!


I haven’t been to

No. 17 Disneyland Park, Marne-la-Vallée, France

No. 18 Sacré Coeur Basilica,Paris

No. 19 Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront, Hong Kong

No. 20 Victoria Peak,Hong Kong


No. 21 Pike Place Market,Seattle – I just LOVED Pike Place! Wish I could go back right now!

Never been to

No. 21 The Zócalo,Mexico City


No. 23 Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL – We made the mistake of riding the river rapids ride at the beginning of the day so we were completely soaked. I’m not just talking a little bit wet, I’m talking you could wring out your clothes and fill a bucket. I wish we wouldn’t have done that because it kind of made the day miserable. That said, if I ever go back to Disneyworld, I’m totally going to stay in the Animal Kingdom Lodge because that place is amazing! We wished we would have stayed there.

No. 24 Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL – We have some fond memories of Hollywood Studios. It was nice that it wasn’t as crowded as the other parks and we especially enjoyed seeing Fantasmic!

I haven’t been to

No. 25 Great Smoky Mountains National Park

No. 26 Great Wall of China, China

No. 27 South Street SeaportNew York City

No. 28 Navy Pier,Chicago


No. 29 Musée du LouvreParis – I feel like I didn’t even make a dent when I went there. How can you ever see everything in that place? I’d love to take my kids there someday. We didn't have time to go during our brief weekend stay in the spring of 2015. Photo from wikimedia commons

Never been to

No. 30 National Air and Space Museum(Smithsonian),Washington, D.C. (but we did walk by it)

No. 31 Universal Studios Japan,OsakaJapan

No. 32 Sydney Opera House,Sydney

No. 33 Everland, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea


No. 34 Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History,Washington, D.C. – I would love to go back when it wasn’t filled with thousands of girl scouts since we were there during their 100 year anniversary gathering. What a cool place!

No. 35 Eiffel TowerParis – been there! I was there in 1989, which happened to be the 100 year anniversary of the tower. We also took our kids to see the tower when we were there in 2015. It was one of my daughter's dreams to see it in person.

No. 36 Lincoln Memorial,Washington, D.C. – so incredible to see this in person. I really felt a powerful respect for President Lincoln while I was standing in this memorial.

I haven’t been to

No. 37 Bourbon Street,New Orleans

No. 38 Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando


No. 39 Palace of VersaillesVersailles,France – It was closed the day I went there in 1989, but I did walk around the grounds. Photo from 

No. 40 British Museum,London – I visited while I was on my study abroad program in college. Photo from wikimedia commons

Never been to

No. 41 Lotte WorldSeoul

No. 42 Grauman’s Chinese Theatre/Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood

No. 43 French Market,New Orleans


No. 44 Metropolitan Museum of ArtNew York City – I went with my hubby back in 2004. I'd love to go again someday! Photo from wikimedia commons

I haven’t been to

No. 45 Hong Kong Disneyland


No. 46 The Colosseum,Rome – I went with my Dad at the end of my college study abroad program. He met me in Europe and we traveled together for 10 days. This is another thing that’s just amazing to see in real life!


Never been to

No. 47 Ocean ParkHong Kong

No. 47 SeaWorldOrlando

No. 49 Tate Modern,London


No. 50 Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City, CA – I visited this spot as a kid, but I don’t remember a ton about it. Photo from wikimedia commons.

I think it’s pretty amazing that I’ve been to 23 of the 50 most popular tourist destinations in the world. Not bad for a Utah girl (who doesn’t even like to fly)! I know there are some destinations that I will never see, but I’m very happy that I’ve had the chance to see so many amazing places. How many have you been to? Are any of them on your travel dreams list?