Food obsessions over the years

When I saw this article on the Good Housekeeping website, I had to check it out. I love seeing lists and slideshows of things that were popular in the past because they are such great inspiration for scrapbooking topics!

I looked through all the years and felt a little sad that I am older than this list (lol!) because I was born in 1969 and it starts with 1970. Of course, I don't remember enough about my earliest years to know if quiche really was all the rage, but it is interesting that I do have memories connected with so many of these items. I thought I would share a few here:

Oh how I loved fondue as a kid! I remember my Mom throwing a fondue party once where they had several types of fondue (even one where you cooked your own meat). I spend the evening in my bedroom while the adults ate fondue, but I did get to make a plate of it to take with me. I must have only been around 6 or 7 years old but I still remember being fascinated by the whole thing.

Fondue has been part of my food memories for a long time. Many times when my Dad was out of town, my Mom would make a pot of fondue to share with me (because my Dad didn't really love it). I continued this tradition with my own daughter. We've also had fondue for many New Year's Eve parties both when I was growing up, and in my own household. I still miss the red package of Kraft Swiss fondue you used to be able to buy in the grocery store. Fondue is much more expensive now, but if you are close to a Trader Joes store, they have some that is reasonably priced and tasty.

I was only 5 years old in 1974 so I'm not sure about this, but I do clearly remember a few of my first experiences with granola. My Dad has always loved the stuff and I used to love to eat his when I could. He liked the Quaker granola which is very sweet and probably not all that healthy. Man that stuff was good! I still want it when I see it at the grocery store, but I'm allergic to oats so it's a no-go for me.

When I was about 7 years old, we lived next door to a family that was into very natural stuff. I had never met anyone like them before and I was amazed that they ate granola in the mornings and put honey on it before they poured the milk. It seemed so strange! They all wore hiking boots all the time and they were very into the outdoors. Now that I'm older, I realize that they were pretty much what we would think of as "hippies" but a little more on the clean-cut side.

I remember my Grandpa making homemade granola and that sort of rocked my world. I had no idea you could do that and it was the most delicious granola I'd ever eaten. My mom would sometimes make his recipe. I made a batch for my husband shortly after we were married and he thought I was a genius when he tasted it!

It's funny that this was on the list because I was just telling my husband the other day that I don't remember hearing about anything like sun dried tomatoes or balsamic vinegar when I was a kid. He responded by saying "I don't think they existed" and we both agreed that food has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Sun dried tomatoes all of a sudden were a "thing" and it seemed like they were everywhere in the nineties. They are still often found in many dishes. I like them and enjoy them at restaurants, but I never buy them at the store.

I totally remember this one! Snackwells were a big deal and they were always sold out at the grocery store. They weren't even good, but everyone was so excited about them being "healthy". I have clear memories of showing my sister-in-law how everything in my fridge was low or no fat and her telling me how awesome that was. Isn't it telling that was about the time that I really started struggling with my weight? Stupid food police! Making us all fatter!

Another food craze that got out of control. Everyone started hating on carbs. That seems to still be happening today but they call it Paleo or Whole 30 eating. Of course, there are gluten intolerances also so many carbs can be a problem. It's funny how the food industry capitalizes on these trends and makes you believe that their processed foods are the answer to all that ails you.

A lot of people keep saying the cupcake craze will die, but it seems to be going strong even 11 years later. I'm a big fan of cupcakes so I'm glad this one has stayed around. Who knew they would become such a big deal? We used to watch Cupcake Wars on Food Network as a family for a few years. My mom and I often check out cupcake shops when we travel and when we visited my friend Steph in Arizona, she made sure to take us to Sprinkles Cupcakes. Yum!

I'm not really a fan of kale, but I did have some tasty kale chips once at a restaurant in New Mexico. My husband is a real health nut and he's tried to like kale, but admits it isn't his favorite. He does add it to smoothies sometimes.

For awhile last year, my Instagram feed was about 30% avocado toast pictures. I kid you not! It seemed like you just weren't hip unless you were eating avocado toast. I love avocados and I'm a big fan of bread in general so it's kind of surprising that I've never made myself a piece of avocado toast. I guess I better catch up to the times and do that!


Be sure to look through the full list and think about what food related memories you have made through the years. It's a fun activity and will give you plenty to write and/or scrap about!