Safe photos to download for projects and Flickr settings

I stumbled into this great website called Photos for Class that lets you search for images to download that are appropriate and free to use according to licensing permissions. It's a great find for students and I think it would also come in handy for bloggers and scrapbookers who are looking to add some images to their projects. Have you ever come home from a trip and realized you didn't photograph an iconic place? Or that your photo of Buckingham Palace didn't turn out? That's where this site can really come in handy!

I love that you don't have to worry about finding offensive images and that you know the permissions are in place. Just enter in your search term and you will find plenty of results.

You do have to wade through some less than stellar photos, but there are also some real treasures.

I loved this one from the France search!

And all the attribution info is downloaded right with the image which is great for school projects. It's a nifty little website!

Oh, and if you are suddenly realizing that you don't know how your photos are licensed on Flickr, be sure to check out your settings. Go to your account and then look at Privacy & Permissions. I have all of mine set to automatically be copyright protected so they wouldn't show up on a site like Photos for Class. However, I could change that easily for a batch of photos or even a single photo if I want to. It's a matter of personal preference.

I used to set many of my photos as ok for creative commons with attribution and I actually had several of them used for published stories on small online sites. I never minded that because they credited me (as required) and I gained some blog traffic because of it. These days, I would just rather not deal with the time it takes to decide on a license so I just upload them all as copyright protected.

It's great that there are resources out there though for legal sharing of photos and I especially love Photos for Class for being sensitive about keeping good content for students. Very cool!