Summer, Shakespeare, and Service

We just returned from our third trip this summer to the Utah Shakespeare Festival. We've seen all the shows that are currently playing and we will head back again in the fall for The Odd Couple. We have a long history with the festival (especially my husband who started attending in his youth) and it is something our entire family enjoys. 


We definitely missed having Riley there with us and I think it's sweet that she really struggled with the idea of missing this season when she was considering serving a mission. How cool is it that she loves Shakespeare and the theater that much?! And how amazing is it that she was able to leave behind something that is so important to her to go and serve others?! My heart is full when I think about what she is doing. She's been gone 10 months now and I'm happy to report that she is working hard and also having fun. She has a great attitude and loves the people she is serving. She has told us many times that the people in the Midwest are the nicest people ever!

I feel happy to live in a world where we get to have Shakespeare and summers and people who willingly serve one another. Those are my happy thoughts for today!