Things I need to be reminded of

We all have our struggles and weak points in life. We can paint a picture in our heads of what things SHOULD be and make ourselves miserable when reality doesn't match that image. When I start feeling inadequate, or overwhelmed I find that is a good time to sit down and review some basic truths. I love it when I find posts and resources that help me remember the important stuff. Here are a few that I've found lately that I feel are worth sharing.


  • Why you don't have to hustle all the time from The Haute Notes  - I needed to read this. I have found myself slowing down lately and this is ok. The culture around me doesn't always share that message. Busy is seen as important. Life isn't just about the hustle though.


  • The health hazards of sitting from The Washington Post. This is a hard one for me. I like doing things that require sitting down like writing blog posts. scrapbooking, surfing the internet (ok, I could do that one on a treadmill, but I don't!), etc. I need to get off my tushie more often!


  • 50 reasons to exercise. This one is an extension of the last point. I really need to remind myself of the reasons for exercising!


  • 31 ways to have a better day by White House Black Shutters. I'm actually pretty good at doing these types of things when I'm feeling down but it's always good to have a reminder. I would like to print this out and also add my own ideas.