Welcoming back Memory Monday!

If you followed my older blog, you will remember the Memory Monday series. I'm excited to bring this back!

Memory Monday 01 - The First Computer I Ever Used

I was browsing through some old scanned photos and I ran across this one. I’m sure this is the first computer I ever really used. At least the first one I remember using. Can you believe that when I was in college, I typed all my papers on a word processor (like a fancy typewriter with disks to save data to)? Let me remind you that I was an English major so I did A LOT of typing! I can’t even imagine how much easier life would have been if I had used a computer.

I’m trying to remember the details of this photo. I think this was on a visit home during my junior year of college. I’m pretty sure that this was a fairly new computer at the time. It was the first one my family ever owned. My younger brother became a DOS junkie (we’re talking 1989 here). I did move home for a time during my senior year (before I was married) so I must have used the family computer during that time, but I don’t remember using it much. I think I stayed with my trusty old word processor since that was what I was used to. I really wish I had a picture of that machine!

Because this was so long ago, I don’t know the specs of the computer. I’m thinking it was an IBM? It’s interesting to see how big the base and the monitor were. I’m so glad that technology has improved so much over the last 27 years. Oh, could this really have been taken that long ago? Sometimes Memory Monday can make you feel a little old!

When did you use your first computer? Do you remember what type of computer it was? If you are in a younger generation, do you remember a time where you didn’t have access to a computer? Has computer technology always been a part of your life?
Fun things to think about on a Memory Monday!