looking forward to the newest iPhone

Let me just be honest here. The only reason I really upgrade my iPhones at all is because of the camera. Yep, I'm always looking to have the best camera that will also double as a phone and a gateway to the internet and all the fun apps I use. At the end of the day, it's all about the camera though.


I don't upgrade every time. It's too expensive to do that. When they introduce major upgrades, I have a personal rule that I try to sit out one cycle between purchasing a new phone. It's always hard to be strong during the years that I don't have the latest and greatest iPhone. But my time has come and I'm ready! I'm really excited about the camera features in both the 7 and 7plus models. I can't believe I'm going to go with a giant phone (with a giant price tag), but I'm definitely getting a 7plus!

Here's the keynote video that goes over all the new features in the new iPhone 7. If you want to skip to the part that deals with the camera and photography, go to the 7:40 minute mark to begin and watch until about minute 24:50.

Wow. Pretty amazing technology! Now I just have to get myself some bigger pockets so I can carry around that GINORMOUS phone. lol!