Document the Election

If you live in the United States, the first Tuesday in November (after November 2nd) is always Election Day. That means that the day to vote is today!

I'm not going to share my own political views in this post because that's too sensitive of a topic, but I do want to document this election cycle (and others) in my family's scrapbooks. Here are some ideas I put together to help us all record the political happenings going on around us. If you live outside of the United States, use these same prompts to journal about your own country’s election events.

  • Take a picture of the location where you vote and journal about how often you vote.
  • Do you get out for every election? Or do you mainly vote in the “big” races such as Presidential elections?
  • Are you partial to one political party, or do you make a choice based on each individual candidate?
  • Have you or anyone you know ever run for a political office? How about student government or a community group? What were your duties in the position you held?
  • Who did you vote for in the most recent election? Why? How do do you feel about the results? Did other people in your family vote the same way?
  • Who was President when you were born? Who was the first President you voted for? Who has won that you didn't vote for?
  • Have you ever campaigned for a candidate? Do you put up yard signs in support of anyone?
  • Have you always had the same political convictions, or have they changed due to personal experiences or events? Be sure to explain why you believe and vote the way you do.

This is a great reflective activity for you to do, and it will also be interesting for future generations. Keep the focus on what your feelings are and try to avoid “bashing” other’s views, especially if you plan to post online!


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