My favorite photo apps

I've blogged about a lot of photo apps over the past few years and I thought it would be helpful to post a list of my very favorites all in one place. I've narrowed done the best of the best and these are the apps I use the very most.

Here the are in order of appearance on my app screen:

iPhone native photo app - this is the app I use to look at the pictures taken on my phone. I use it for minor editing like rotating pictures or straightening out a crooked horizon. Sometimes I use the general edit (it looks like a magic wand) to give an overall boost to my photo. 

Instagram - my favorite way to share pictures with friends, family, and followers. I've blogged about how and why I use Instagram many times and you can find all of my Instagram-related posts right here. 

Google Photos - this is a new addition to my toolbox and it is amazing! I haven't blogged about it, but you can watch Steph's free class at to see all the great things that Google Photos can do. I can't say enough good things about this app and Steph's class!

Flickr - I'm a longtime Flickr fan (but Google Photos is now my new favorite). Here's a post about why I still love Flickr.

Dropbox - is another incredibly useful app and is a great way to store and share photos. It is worth noting that I don't sync Dropbox.

Photo Transfer - this app makes it so easy to share photos across multiple devices. I use it to download big batches of photos when I'm ready to scrap. It's a huge timesaver!

Collect - this app has been my photo journal for a few years now. My daughter also fell in love with it and she put together a super easy Project Life album with all her Collect cards.  

Afterlight - one of those fun apps with tons of filters and effects. It's easy to use and the results are stunning!

PicTapGo - I started using this one because of the Project Life app integration. I can't believe I waited so long to add this app to my workflow!

Color Story - I use this app when I want to get a little bold and artsy with my photos. It's a fun one!

VSCO cam - I started with their original app years ago and they've improved this so much over the years. This one seems has some really nice black & white effects.

Photogene - I only use this app on my iPad, but it does an incredible job with all sorts of professional edits. I feel like this is the app to use for the sharpest pictures. Just a word of caution - it's so powerful, that it is easy to overdo the editing. 

Aviary - another newer discovery for me. I like that this one is great on my phone, iPad, and PC!

Waterlogue - I feel like an artist when I use this app! It's one of my favorites so I've posted about it a few times. 

Brushstroke - similar to Waterlogue but with some different effects. It's a fun addition to my app toolbox.

Prisma - I love the artsy effects from this app and there are so many cool options. This is a newer app, but I've already used it quite often.

I have a few more apps on the second screen in my photos folder, but I haven't reviewed all of those yet so I will add those at a later date. This group of apps really represents what I actually use on a regular basis. I feel very comfortable recommending any of them so give them a whirl!