a new class from my friend Steph

One of my dearest friends is Steph Clay and she has been working on a new adventure called Modern Photo Solutions. I recently blogged about her amazing free class about Google Photos and now I'm really excited to tell you about her new class that is only available for a limited time.

You will want to go to her class description page and read all about it because there is a lot to this course! I'm talking about a lot of information! And it's all presented very clearly with lots of video walk-throughs and explanations. You will learn all about using apps to document your memories with a big focus on the Project Life app and understanding how to access your photos and supplies (and also back them all up). The lessons are organized so well and Steph is extremely knowledgeable about what she is teaching.

One of my favorite parts of the course is how she explains what this all has meant to her and her family. She really digs into the heart of telling YOUR story and it is very inspiring! I had the opportunity to be part of a small group of beta testers and several of the other ladies who went through the class talked about how this motivated them to make 10, 20 or even 39 pages in just a week or two. Really!

I would say this course is really geared at someone who is new to mid-range in their comfort level of scrapping on their iPhone or Apple devices (Android version coming later). However, I will say that even though I am at what I would consider to be an expert level in this area that I still learned new things and was super inspired. So don't rule it out if you have already done a lot of Project Life app scrapping!

Ok, so let's get serious about this. The class is only open for registration for a few more days so you have to act fast to get in!

I've taken A LOT of online courses and I will honestly tell you that I think this is well worth the price. There is a lot of content and very detailed instruction. Steph told me she spent at least 200 hours putting this together + many years of planning it. I believe it! It is something she has been working on for a long time and I'm so excited for her to finally have it ready to share with all of us.

I'd love to know if you sign up!