Project Life in all forms

It's important to me that my scrapbooking is modern, fast, and easy and Project Life® fits those goals perfectly! Project Life is a scrapbooking system developed by Becky Higgins that exists in 3 distinct forms; App, Digital, and Physical. You can find information and products for all formats on the official Project Life website. 

I had the great honor of being a team member for the 2016 Project Life Creative Team so I'm sure you will think I'm biased. I am! But I was biased before I became a team member because I fell in love with this revolutionary style of scrapping and never looked back. And even now that my team member term is officially over, I still sing praises to this great approach and I use it often to document my memories.

So don't be surprised to find a lot of content related to Project Life here on my blog. It's a big part of my scrapping process!

My favorite way to use Project Life is through the app. I mostly use it on my iPad Pro, but I also can create pages on my iPad mini or even on my iPhone. You just can't beat the portability! I also think the learning curve is very straightforward and easy. When I tell my friends about it they will say "oh, I need to figure that out and learn about it". I respond - "let me show you real quick" and they are stunned that I can teach them to scrap in an app in just a minute or two. Really!

Project Life App

What do Project Life app pages look like? They look like amazing scrapbook pages, even though they are very easy to put together! Here are a few of my favorites (in slideshow format so keep clicking on the picture to go to the next one):



Digital Project Life

Before the app was available, I used Photoshop Elements + digital templates and digital Project Life supplies to create layouts. You might notice a little more shadowing on these pages as well as some altered spacing and template arrangements. Those are the advantages of using a photo editing program + digital supplies. You have a little more room for creative adjustments. Here are a few of my favorites  (in slideshow format so keep clicking on the picture to go to the next one):



Physical Project Life

I'll admit that this is my least used format in the Project Life world, but that is simply because I'm such a technology type of scrapbooker. I totally get that not everyone is this way. In fact, my own daughter found her favorite scrapping style by using the physical albums and page protectors and then printing her photos that she created in the Collect Photo app. I absolutely love her albums!




The internet is bursting with Project Life ideas! I'm always on the hunt for images and articles to pin to my PL Pinterest Board so be sure to follow my board! The great thing is that it doesn't matter if the pages are created in the app, in photoshop, or by slipping photos into page protectors. These ideas can inspire you no matter how you use Project Life!