Big changes are coming

You might think I've been a little quiet around here lately, but the truth is I've been fighting all sorts of idea explosions! I've been leaning toward expanding my brand for a few years now and I've decided to take the plunge! Big changes are coming soon!

big changes on the way.PNG

I will be changing my brand (ever so slightly) and even my URL next week, but don't worry. I think you will find that it really is just going to be more reflective of who I've always been. A lot will be the same, but some things will be different - and hopefully even better. I'm excited and feeling refreshed to have some new fun to look forward to.

I will have some new products coming later this month. Will there still be scrapbooking designs? Yes! Anything else? Well...stay tuned! Good things are ahead. Some will come soon, others might take some extra time. I'm excited and I hope you are too!