Mixed Media and Art Journaling

I love to use my digital scrapbook supplies to make artsy type creations. These kind of pages are often categorized as art journaling or mixed media. Of course, there is a big community of artists who use physical supplies like paper and paint, but I find it so freeing to play on the canvas of my computer (or even my iPad). 

Mixed Media pieces by Little Butterfly Wings  February 2015 Word and Paint add ons

Mixed Media pieces by Little Butterfly Wings February 2015 Word and Paint add ons

Why do I love the digital form of art journaling so much?

  1. The UNDO feature! If I put something on the canvas and it doesn't look quite right, I can just delete it. Or hide the layer while I play around and decide what I want.
  2. Resizing. I usually make a piece of word art or a creative element the main feature of the page so I enlarge it. I can crop out or erase pieces I don't want to use.
  3. Cheating. Yes, it feels like cheating to me because the digital artists provide me with all the tools I need. It still feels extremely creative - like making a gourmet meal out of a certain number of ingredients.

Digital mixed media is a very different approach to creativity for me. I'm usually very clean and linear with my scrapbooking. And honestly, I'm that way in my general life as well. When I open up Photoshop and throw things around in there, it is just plain old fun!

There's no reason why this artistic style can't be used on a scrapbook page though. I've done it before and loved the result.

Studio Rosey Posey  One Moment

Studio Rosey Posey One Moment

For me, I just prefer to use this type of creativity in a different way. While I may incorporate bits and pieces on my scrapbook pages, I've come to enjoy focusing on the art itself for these creations. I make pages that feature quotes or uplifting thoughts and I put them into an album just for me. I'm sure other family members enjoy these pages as well, but I really just put them together because it's something that I enjoy. I don't feel any obligation to get "caught up" or to capture the moment for future generations. It's relaxing, fun, and fulfilling.

Here's a slideshow of some of my favorite mixed media pages. If you are looking for supply credits, check out my flickr photo album and explore each layout.

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I'd love to know if you enjoy using digital supplies for art journaling. It sure is fun for me!

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