Works in Progress

About once a month or so, my Mom asks me "what are you working on?" or "what projects have you got going?" and I think it's a great moment to pause and take inventory. I always have several things cooking (at least in my mind) and sometimes it's important to stop and think about what those projects are and evaluate the progress.


The biggest project I have been working on since January is my blog redesign and branding. You have probably noticed that I haven't been posting as often, but you probably had no idea how many hours of work I have poured into this site because most of it is in the background. I'm super happy with my new logo and the overall look of the blog now!

What you may not realize is that to have each post show an image and a description when you are browsing through the pages, I have to go back and add that for each post. We are talking about more than 420 posts! Adding the thumbnail images and short descriptions has been a huge project but I'm nearing the end now.

But that is just from this blog that I started in 2013. I still have more than 1600 older blog posts from when I hosted my domain at typepad that I'm going through to see if there are any that I want to merge into this blog. Sigh.

One feature that I really like about my new design is the drop down menu at the top. I'm slowing adding content to those subjects so be sure to check the occasionally. My goal is to make it into a sort of index or table of contents for my blog so you can find related information in the easiest way possible.

With a site redesign, it was only fitting that I update my previews and spruce up my shop a bit. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

And hold on to your hat... I'm actually starting to work on some new designs! It's slow going with everything else on my plate, but I have had some ideas brewing for a while and it's fun to bring them to life. I'll keep you posted here and you might want to sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know when they are released.

I've also freshened up all of my social media channels to showcase my new logo and cleaner look.

Besides working on this blog, I've been going through the same process with my Toy to the World site. Thankfully, there isn't nearly as much content to go through there. I love the new look!

The Toy to the World social media channels have also gotten a makeover:

Besides being knee-deep in the techy web stuff, I've actually been scrapbooking! I've been taking a bit of a different approach because I want to get some of our older photos into photobooks. I decided to focus on the year of 1997. I don't have a ton of pictures from that year so I thought it would be more doable. It still has been a big project because I had to scan many photos or round up scans that I have had done in the past. I had to search for my journal from that year which for some reason I seemed to hide from myself in an unmarked binder. I changed the metadata on all my scans so they would reflect the actual month and year they were taken and this is nice because now Google Photos sorts them in order. It's also easy to sort them in my 1997 folder.

The next step I took was to create pages with all of them using the Project Life app. I have added all my photos and all the cards and journaling spaces I want to use.

To make this project as easy as possible, I decided to only use cards available in the Project Life app. Now all I need to do is add the journaling to each page. I promise that I will blog more about this when the project is completed!

I've also made a goal this year to keep up on my monthly pages for 2017 as they are happening. My roundup is a great help to me with this! I've shared a few of those pages on my Instagram feed and I will continue to do that throughout the year. Here are my January pages in case you missed them.

January memories documented with the Project Life app. Cards from  In A Creative Bubble.  Quote card created in  Word Dream App . Photo journaling on snow picture done with Letter Glow App.

January memories documented with the Project Life app. Cards from In A Creative Bubble. Quote card created in Word Dream App. Photo journaling on snow picture done with Letter Glow App.

Finally, another big memory-keeping project I am working on is compiling all of my daughter's missionary letters to put into keepsake binders for her to have when she returns home in May. I've been filing things away during her entire mission, but it all needs some organization. I've printed out her emails and decided I should reprint them using the double-sided print feature to save room. She doesn't write a ton, but 18 months of correspondence can get a little overwhelming. I will be blogging more about this in the near future.

And in case you think I'm one of those missionary moms who will have the mission scrapbooks done the day she comes home... think again. She hasn't sent me a ton of pictures and when she does send them, I don't have a lot of information or background to go with them. That will have to be a project she helps me with when she is home. That will probably be more fun anyway!

The crazy thing is, I have more works in progress than the ones I just shared. I'm trying to refresh several rooms in our house, plan for my summer garden, and I'm a few months into an overhaul of my eating and workout habits. That has been taking a lot of my mental energy. Not to mention all the jobs that come with being a Mom, Wife, Daughter, and citizen of the planet. It's all good though and I love that I always have something to keep me busy and entertained.

What are all of you working on? Take some pictures of your works in progress and share them on a blog or social media. It's a great way to check in on your progress and you never know, you might inspire someone else!